Ohhhhh Christmas Tree....

I made a Christmas tree for my grand daughters Barbie house. Barbie wasn't happy with the faux tree... oh no... it wasn't full enough. So, I had to double it.

 I took two skinny trees and joined them together using wire pulling the trunks of the trees together as I wrapped the wire down the trunks...

I had to make a new base for the two conjoined Christmas trees, one that wouldn't topple over due to the bulk of the tree.

 Once the fuller tree met with Barbies approval, I hot glued all the ornaments, red ball garland and pink ball ornaments one at a time to the tree. I then glued some foam core squares together to create packages and covered those in scrapbook paper...

I love-love-love the little shabby chic cherubs on the tree, these were once silver so I spray painted them white...

I was lucky to find a small plastic nativity set at a second hand store a few weeks ago for 45¢, perfect for Barbies house. It just needed a stable...

 So, I made one...

Here it is after I painted it and hot glue everything in place. I cut small pieces of raffia and glued that to the ground of the stable to resemble hay. This little stable is under three inches tall...

I love it! Its the perfect addition next to the Christmas tree....
This tiny Christmas tree, packages and creche took me about a week to put together.... hmmm in d.i.y. years, I think thats about 2 years? lol 


  1. Oh lovely! That is one lucky grand daughter you have!!!

  2. omg.... I dont even know what to say.. I feel like I say the same things every time I come here. but really...
    you are amazing!
    those are perfect for a barbie house! I really really cant wait to see the whole thing finished.
    have a great day Cheryl!

  3. Absolutely adorable! You are so dang artsy fartsy! Ha! I'm sure your granddaughter was tickled pink. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Very pretty and detailed. You are very creative!! I have not decorated my doll houses for Christmas in years, but the general store has Christmas packages and wreaths year round. :D

  5. Such a lucky girl!!! My Barbie never had it so

    You did an amazing job. I love the everything. Such ingenuity.

    Look forward to what you up with next!

  6. You never cease to amaze me GF!

  7. Hello from Spain: I love this Christmas tree in the scale of Barbie. My Barbie also going to have her own Christmas tree ..... Keep in touch

  8. I think you are having a wonderful time and it all looks adorable. Lucky little girl!


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