Barbie's Kitchen

I finally finished the barbie kitchen I was making for my grand daughter's barbie house.... (click on photos to make them bigger)

 I also made a fridge too...

Here is a before photo of what the kitchen cabinet and the fridge looked like before I transformed them.
I added the entire top portion to the sink unit. I made the cabinets using illustration board. I had planned on making glass cabinet doors, but I decided against it seeing how it would make it even harder to place things on the shelves. I painted the counter to look like granite, and I made the stove top and sink stainless steel.

 Barbie decided against all stainless steel appliances since she occasionally watches her friends little ones. She didn't want to have to clean off hand prints off of her appliances all the time...

Here is the fridge that I re-purposed. I had to cut the bottom completely off because it was to tall to fit in the barbie house. Here is the after... I added a new bottom piece and a drawer for the freezer section.

I also made a lot of food for the pantry and fridge using miniature printables that I found online. I cut and painted small dowels silver then glued on the labels to make the cans of food. I made a lot of boxed items to fill the pantry as well. I added foam core to give the printed paper boxes more strength.
 I got this fabulous jukebox, table and chairs for $1.00 at one of my favorite thrift stores. The jukebox is from Hannah Montana and plays music and it lights up and everything. Cute-cute-cute! The table is set for dinner..... yum~

Here is a little spoiled pup laying under the kitchen table....
Some veggies just for show....

I have a few more things I'm working on, hopefully it will all come together for Christmas.


  1. Cheryl - what a beautiful job you have done with the barbie kitchen. My grandmother was a member of a miniatures club - so this brought back great memories of her.

    You will have a very happy girl on Christmas! Thanks for sharing.

    Merry Christmas

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! what a lucky little girl. Cheryl, do I have to say it again? yes, I have too! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I love how you transformed those two pieces.. that granite top is stinking cute!
    OH my goodness.. oh my goodness! Oh.. my.. goodness!

  3. Wow! Nice job and so much detail. She will love playing with it all.
    I have not worked on any of my miniatures in a long time.
    Have a great week.

  4. Cheryl-this is truly a work of art! "C" is going to have so much fun and remember this Christmas forever! I've been working on the American Girl clothes for 2 of my grands and am starting to work on clothing accessories...wish you were in to AG dolls now too!!!

  5. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your gorgeous work. The kitchen and the fridge seem real. I have also the same furniture in pink. I prefer the white. Keep in touch

  6. What a wonderful job you have done. I bet there is going to be one very happy little girl seeing this on Christmas.

    You are a great grandma.



  7. WOW, fabulous! You did a wonderful job and she is one lucky little girl to have a crafty grandma like you!!!
    Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

  8. AMAZING!!The time and talent and imagination!!WOW

  9. Please excuse my total ignorance, but what is illustration board? Bella, my daughter, wants cabinets in the barbie kitchen and as much as I am a die hard DIYer (I even sell paint lines and teach classes!) I have no clue what illustration Board is! Haha!! Would love to see or hear more on how you made these if you're so inclined 😉. Gorgeous, beautiful job!!!


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