Holiday Party

I went to a "Wine Party" tonight..... so of course, I had to make some jewelry to match the theme. I used a wine cork as the base and added things to it....

I have no idea what wine bottle this cork that said "beast" was stuck in. Maybe when you drink the wine you become a beast?

I made this one for the hostess of the party. It has three dangles from the bottom with a wine bottle and a wine glass charm attached.

ooooooooh ahhhhhhhhhh pinks.... cute~
It was a fun party.... thanks to my BNF for hosting it~ *wink*


vivian said...

how awesome those are! you never cease to amaze me.
hey... did you finish the barbie house? will you be doing a full reveal? Im dying to see the whole thing and so it my daughter. Ive told her all about it.
have a great weekend oh crafty one!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

So cute! I feel sure your friend likes hers also.
Enjoy your weekend.

Jan Hennings said...

Love this!

Diana Seal said...

Amazing, Cheryl! You come up with the best ideas!!!