Something is missing.....

I have really been enjoying my newly made over bathroom--- but something was missing... Thinking--- thinking---- duh-- a back splash!
 Once that finally dawned on me, making it was super easy. Last summer, I had purchased two planters that had tin tiles on all four sides of each one. The cost for both? Two bucks. Eight pieces of tin to play with....

I used five pieces of the tin to fit the width of the sink, it is about 1 inch to big, so it has a half an inch overage on each side... no biggy. I cut a piece of mdf board and used liquid nails to attach it to the wood. I finished off the edges with 1/4" quarter round trim.

 Once it was all put together, I primed, painted and distressed it with some brown ink. To hang it behind the cabinet, I simply put two picture hangers on the back and hung it like a picture on the wall.
 I'm loving it!

 Heaven help the person who gets it


  1. Very smart and thrifty backsplash. It really looks terrific. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

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  3. Looks great, and love the price! You did good.

  4. That might be the cutest backsplash I've seen!

  5. Totally impressed! How clever to think of those tiles (good for you to have the foresight to know you could use the tiles in the future!) for the backsplash. Totally charming effect!

  6. looks great! Of course.. You have that magical touch...!
    happy Sunday!

  7. Hello from Spain: great idea. The bathroom is so elegant. You always buy great things at cheap prices .. Keep in touch

  8. Looking good. I have drooled over tin tiles, but they always seem to be over priced. Nicely done. Keep smiling and creating

  9. WOW, Chery! How creative and definitely very artsy! Your bathroom looks very elegant!

  10. What a charming addition. You did great!!! Sometimes it is just that little extra touch that makes a huge difference:)
    Have a wonderful week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)


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