I picked up this wooden "Dream" sign sometime last year and it has been a great place to glue on pieces of odds & ends of jewelry that I had....
 I really like how it turned out~

I used hot glue to attach each piece of jewelry...
If ever I need to remove a piece, I can always pry it off with a screwdriver...

I tried to use bigger pieces that I hadn't been able to find a use for....
but now that I'm looking at it a bit closer....

I can see some that I'd like to pry off right now! Lets just say, nothing in this house is sacred..........*sigh* nothing....
This isn't even my cat, I've just been bringing him inside to sleep in my bathroom during the freezing nights..... okokok, I've been feeding him *wink* Oh... and I've named him too... Meet Chumley- but he is not my cat....


  1. I Like YOUR cat Chumley...And the dream letters aint so bad either!!

  2. Beautiful! I'm doing that w/my granddaughter's initials...with 6 granddaughter's this could take a while!

    Oh and I really like Chumley...even if he isn't your cat.

  3. I love your Letters, great idea.
    Oh and he is your cat now....That sink now belongs to him and so do you. Love the picture.

  4. great letters, but really I got the biggest kick out of chumley the cat that isnt yours.. I had to show my husband. he said that I better not follow suit. lol! I keep telling him I need a kitten.
    Im so glad that you have rescued chumley and given him food and shelter and he obviously loves his bed.

  5. Cheryl the letters look fabulous! I would like to try this....need a 3 letter word.....hum.....I am enjoying the Valentines I traded with you last's on display...have a great week!

  6. The Cat might not be yours but just in case you didn't know..YOU are his :) Love the idea with the old jewelry..very pretty to look at.:)

  7. Great idea! Good idea using a glue gun, instead of e6000.
    You named him, you fed him and he has made himself at home in your sink - You are now owned by Mr. Chumley! :-D

  8. Chumley is quite comfortable and he has selected you and your home. You are now his. Your blinged letters are very sparkly! Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  9. I adore the letters...and your "stray cat" is darling too,

  10. Hello Chumley! Nice to meet you! You are one lucky kitty! :)

    Looks like he is pretty darn cozy already.

    Wow! That's a lot of odds and ends. Your Dream sign looks great.

    Best wishes, Tammy

  11. Hello from Spain: Nice pictures. I like initials. Amazing! The last photo of the cat is very cute. Keep in touch

  12. Hi Cheryl,
    I love your "DREAM" idea - it's brilliant! The jewellery on the letters is so much fun and makes you think dreams really should sparkle...

  13. I LOVED your DREAM done up in jewelry - it is just gorgeous! I have too few pieces to follow suit - and too many to fit in my drawer, so now have to decide which direction I'm going to go! thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi Cheryl, I love your letters! Very fun. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad I located you. Did you realize you're a "no-reply" blogger? So, I couldn't e-mail you back. And yes, my husband IS cute!

    See you again, I hope,

  15. This is such an amazing project! I love it! I've had your blog open for a few days coming back to look at this post! Beautiful work!

  16. I think that's such a wonderful act of kindness that you let the "not mine" kitty sleep indoors when its so cold out!


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