I tell ya, it is slim pickings looking for treasures when its cold outside. I did manage to pick up this super cute vanity tray. It is missing the glass, but I just loved the shape of it so it came home with me.
 I never pass up on silver plated spoons when they are reasonably priced.... 
 I did score big on some jewelry. I am fortunate to have a made friends with a gal who sells jewelry and considers all of this stuff "junk" and she sells it to me really-really cheaply. Albeit some of it is "junk" in my opinion too... I can find some treasures in amongst it all!
Time to start poking around in all of that "junk."
big hugs,


  1. Nice finds! Love digging thru boxes/containers of old/vintage jewelry. :D
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  2. Love the tray and Oh my, what find digging through your junk jewelry.... that is so much fun to me!!! Blessings, Linda

  3. You have a talent for turning "junk" into something incredibly beautiful and useful. I have no doubt you will do something fabulous with all these finds. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Hello from Spain, you Will do something nice with these findings. Keep in touch

  5. I can't wait for garage sales and estate sales to get going around here! I miss the thrill of the hunt!! Looks like you scored some great items... all those spoons and jewelry!!!


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