A Pirate American Girl Doll

I was wanting to create some pirate outfits for my grand daughter's American girl dolls. I think last count she has eight of the 18 inch dolls... I better get cracking! I bought a polka dot long sleeve babies shirt at a thrift store for .50¢, the size on the label said it was for a six to nine month old. At first glance I thought the long sleeves looked like I could make them into doll pants.....
I cut the sleeves from the shirt and turned them inside out... starting to look like pants already!

I placed one sleeve inside the other sleeve right sides together and pinned the edges and then stitched along the pin line...

Once I stitched the pant legs together, I placed the pants onto the doll and turned over the excess fabric to create a straight waist band. I pinned the waist band while it was on the doll, pulled it off and stitched the waist band. I pulled the t-shirt fabric just a little bit as I stitched to make sure the new pants would fit the doll, but not so much that I would have to add elastic. That was it---- they were finished.

Easy, fast pants for an American girl doll or any other 18 inch doll you fancy.

I searched online for a free printable pattern to make a doll's shirt--- no such luck. So, I made up my own  pattern and whipped up a shirt along with a black sash...

I love the striped top with the polka dot pants, it cracks me up! Here is one outfit completed. Only seven more to go~



  1. How cute! I would have never thought to use a shirt like that.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Cheryl,
    Oh, this is so cute. I am a polka dot girl too. Now, all she needs is a patch. These American dolls are so fun.

    I loved how you came up with your blog name, thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful week,

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. Oooops, I meant American girl dolls.

  4. Hello from Spain: I love the American Girls. I saw a report in the New York store dedicated exclusively to this collection of dolls. It's awesome. Your outfit is perfect. I love it. Great job. Keep in touch

  5. Girl! You are some creative grandma! Lucky girl! Love what you've done! dix---


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