Flattened spoons

I've been pounding spoons again....
these ones I have tried something different....
Instead of drilling holes in them to hang from a ball chain....
I've glued them to necklace bezels instead...
These are so much easier and faster than drilling through the metal spoons!
I just had to share this photo of my cat Pee Wee sleeping on the grand kids pillows. Good thing they are not allergic to cats. *wink*
big hugs,


  1. Love your spoons! Do you have metal engraving stamps? Looks like so much fun.

  2. Lovely! I'm starting to see that phrase, Mama Tried. Do you know its origin? The first time I saw it last Fall it made me cry because it brought to mind my six pregnancy losses -- and how hard I'd tried. :*(

  3. Hello from Spain: your spoon pendants are ideal. You make a very creative. Your cat is very cute. Keep in touch

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    Your spoons pendants are fabulous. My favorite is Wine Diva. :) Pee Wee is so cute. Why is it that cats always need to nap or sit on things? Mine do the same! Have a great weekend. Val

  5. Your spoons are really unique. I haven't seen any like them. Thanks for visiting me. I'm a new follower. I love your art.

  6. As always, your spoons delight me! I wish you could come over and teach me how to do this! Hint, hint!! The use of the hangers would be much easier but both ways work just beautifully! Thanks for showing us your latest creations!

  7. Do you use just regular spoons or silver....I think I asked before but who knows....


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