Happy Birthday Banner

I love to rummage through old Halloween costumes at one of my favorite thrift stores. They have a huge selection all year long of fun outfits that I often times buy solely for the fabric. Recently, I came across a blue velvet two piece outfit that had gold thread applique across the bottom of the scalloped edge of the top. Upon first glance, I thought it looked very piratey and new I had to have it. The embroidery even has rhinestones throughout the design, its amazing. I bought the two piece outfit for $2.00.
I cut a large piece using the front of the shirt to create a birthday banner. I added white and black felt to spell out the words, "Arrrrrrgh, Happy Birthday"

I found a skull and crossbones online to use on the banner as well. No easy task, I tell ya. I have a huge-HUGE amount of flat backed rhinestones that I was able to use on this banner to add even more piratey magic. The elliptical shapes on the letters are black faceted rhinestones.... arrrrrrgh!

I wanted to hang the banner from a plastic sword, but it wasn't long enough. So, I simply cut it in half and extended the length of it by adding some foam core to the middle. I then glued the newly elongated sword to a long piece of 1x1 to give it some added strength.
big hugs,


  1. Very crafty indeed! Who's birthday was this for?


  2. Very, very creative indeed!

    I had a good laugh about your manner of stash busting. :)

    Have a great day! Tammy


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