Roasting Marshmallows

My daughter and her family are going camping this week. This will be the first camping trip for my two little grandchildren. Along with camping, it is my son-in-laws birthday too.... so, I thought it would be fun for my two grand kids to make some roasting sticks  and gift them to their dad for his birthday-- then they could use them on the camping trip.

They were simple to make, I cut and straightened wire coat hangers for the sticks. The wire coat hangers have a bronzed finish on them that easily comes off with some sand paper. I only sanded about 3 inches where the marshmallows would be placed on the roasting sticks.  Once the wire was ready to go, I looped one end and had my two grand kids add one large bead and then four small beads to create a handle. We used a paint brush dipped in glue to adhere the wooden beads together. After the glue holding the beads together dried,  I let my grand kids paint each handle with what ever color they liked.
Pink for Mom, blue for Dad, orange for Jonathan and Chloe requested a shiny purple. Little Miss Chloe Rose loves to paint and does it every time she comes over to Nana's house *wink*
 Here is Jonathan hard at work, this was the perfect project for him--- short and sweet. He doesn't like working on art projects that take longer than 15 minutes...
Once the paint on the handles dried, they were finished. Easy peasy. I used some foam marshmallow on the end of each roasting stick to keep them from poking anyone accidentally while being transported in the car to the camp site.
I think they turned out really cute! The grand kids wrapped everything up nicely... I even let them wrap up some marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers to go with the roasting sticks...
fun times... fun times :-)
big hugs,


  1. Cheryl.. youre the bestest grammie! what a good idea. and, I love all the pics from your last post as well. looks like so much good stuff! I'd love to go out thifting and treasure hunting with you!
    have a lovely day!

  2. Duh. I finally figured out I could follow you on Google after how long? And I'm not very good at being regular unless the posts show up in my face! Yay!

    I love these! I should make some of these for the cottage! Now must catch up a bit!

    Oh, and thank you for the birthday wishes!

  3. Hello from Spain: camping fun day. Children will enjoy a lot. Beautiful creations. Keep in touch

  4. Hi Cheryl...What a great idea----the marshmallow sticks!

    The antique fair looked super, too.

    I want to thank you for your visit during my busy entertaining week. It was so nice to have you stop by and comment. Susan


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