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I had a wonderful time at San Juan Batista for the annual Antique street fair that is held the second Sunday of August. I totally fell in love with a store that I didn't expect to come across while poking around the streets looking for treasures... The store is called "Vintage Corner" and it is literally one of the cutest stores I have come across in a long-long time.

 The store is housed in an old school building that is just filled with charm from every angle...

 I completely fell in love with the burlap curtains and the burlap retaining netting that was used to close off part of this large room. The burlap netting is from a hardware store. I love the look of it and think I'll get some for my pirate backyard!

 Loving the huge wooden clock--- it was listed at only $85.00....
Everywhere you looked was something fabulous to look at... branches made into shelves? NEAT!
 My new bff Susan was selling out in the back court yard of the old school house now the "Vintage Corner" her face book page is: Crowned Goddess... another pure delightful soul. Unfortunately the store I fell in love with is closing at the end of August... boo.... but Susan is looking into getting ownership and continuing on with the store! I wish her all the luck in the world! Check out her face book page and say hello :-)

I did find the best kettle corn I have ever had in my life... that was my first purchase of the day! Priorities people, priorities...
Amongst the antiques I spotted some pirate junque...
the usual Pez junque...
and some old junque...
some cute junque...
and then there was some treasures! I immediately fell in love with this high chair with a vintage silver tray screwed in place for the high chairs tray.... fabulous!

 *gasp* the loveliness of it all! The soft pink she had painted everything was gorgeous!

I talked in length with the gal who created all this beauty and she was a sweetie as well~

Love-love-loving the vintage table cloths on this towel rack.... darling!
 and these dress forms a gal distressed and added the graphics onto the forms...
Super cute items... simple and sweet.
 I stopped in my tracks when I saw this pirate luggage piled high... aarrrgh.... *wink*
 Wooden furniture everywhere...

A huge folk art adult rocking chair...
 It is super odd, but extremely well made!
 It is for sale at "Sweet Pea Antiques" on Third Street in San Juan Batista if your interested in purchasing it. *wink*
 OH..... and they have these little children's chairs that are super sweet!!!
Here are some more photos from the "Vintage Corner".....
Loving the rusty galvanized retaining wall in the garden...
An old spool potting table..... cute~
Oh my goodness... a bucket turned into a light? Um... yes please!
I did manage to find some odds and ends to actually buy while in San Juan Batista. I found a few pirate things for my backyard, I found 24 cork net-buoys for only $10.00 for the lot. A wooden vase and a wooden tiki sculpture both only $2 each, and the large wooden box was only $1.00.
This turning display piece was only $6, the little pegs on the side fold down flat against the piece so the whole thing is easier to transport. It is a neat piece that I can hopefully turn into something fabulous to hold some jewelry pieces for sale.
The biggest score of the day, besides the to-die-for caramel kettle corn, was this vintage metal parts cabinet. It was only $40.00.... I was on the fence on if I wanted to buy it or not--- until a man said he wanted to buy it if I didn't. Well.... thats all it took.... it was mine. 
It even came with some parts inside the drawers....
I told the guy I bought it from I was going to paint it pink--- I'm glad I can do my part to make people laugh hysterically..... all in a days work!

Here are a few of the people that made my day extra special:

The owner of 
"Sweet Pea Antiques"
     404 Third Street   
San Juan Batista, CA 95045 

The owner of
"Gussied Up Antiques"
349 Bell Street
Los Alamos, CA 

The Owner of
Junk U Say
(Face book)

and lastly, 
Susan Ramirez, Artist
Crowned Goddess
(Face book)

Thanks again to all of you for adding such joy to my day!
big hugs,


  1. Bet you had a fun day - lots of eye candy. I would have been tempted for the cabinet with shallow drawers, but no where to put it. I love a good pop corn, but can honestly say I have never had a kettle corn that I really liked. Stopped trying them years ago as they were always sweet.
    Have a good week.

  2. Oh what a fun time you had. Must say that you've got me craving kettle corn. lol! I love the turquoise luggage and that bucket light. So glad you bought the metal cabinet. I love pieces like that and $40 was a steal. I would have grabbed that baby and ran. So glad you visited me because now I found your lovely blog. Happy to be a new follower!

  3. That looks like so much fun. I love to go thrift shopping with my good friend Dianna. She can spot a bargain a mile away!
    I especially love the dresser with the narrow drawers!.Perfect for storing stamps! lol

    Thanks for stopping by my did you find me?
    I am currently sightseeing up a storm in England...and having a ball!

  4. I fear I would have been in big trouble at this show. And I might have been fighting with you and the other guy on that metal parts cabinet! I love your finds -- and that blue luggage stole my heart. It's a good thing I'd have no place to find put it -- that's about the only thing that keeps me to a budget anymore!


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