50's Themed Birthday Party

My daughter and her family are going to a fifties themed birthday party this weekend. I made my daughter a poodle for her skirt, but for my grand daughter I wanted to do something a little different... so I made her a "hip kitty cat." A few weeks ago I bought a HUGE bag of adhesive backed felt for only $2.00 for the entire heaping bag... after purchasing the huge lot, I thought, "When am I ever going to need sticky backed felt?" Everything I needed to make these little 50's appliques I had on hand. The sticky backed felt, faux fur, rhinestones and pom poms. I wanted to use faceted rhinestones for the eyes and the nose of the kitty, so I had to create small holes in the felt. I used my eyelet punch which created the perfect size hole to hold the faceted stones in place. (with glue of course)

Here is the poodle on my daughters skirt....
and the hip little kitty on my grand daughters skirt...

Next on my to do list is creating a "Jesse" costume for my grand daughter Chloe to wear for Halloween~ Fun times, fun times!
big hugs,


  1. Love both of these, the poodle skirt reminds me of the skirts I wore in the late 50's / early 60's, yes, I'm really that old. lol

  2. Those are so cute - you did good!
    Enjoy your weekend.


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