I love this time of year... the weather is starting to get cooler and the leaves are just starting to change color... it just is all around fabulous! This is when the yard sales start to pick up, just ever so slightly. I think it is like one last "get 'er done" before winter that has people hauling things out to their lawns...who knows. I scored a lot of fun pirate things for my backyard.... a bucket, lantern, a vase and a raffia covered bottle...
I also scored some more wooden items for the Tiki Store I am creating in my yard. I am trying to fill it with tiki's and wooden masks and wooden carved things...

I always buy sea shells whenever I see them, well that is if the price is right, and by right, I mean cheap~

I picked up these two wooden carved owl plaques for the tiki store...

some wooden boxes....

another vase and a blue bottle... When I get around to making the "pirate bar" I would like to have all kinds of different colored bottles behind it. I'm still in the "thinking stage" of that project...

It has been fun adding these things to the yard. We did some tree cutting in the front yard and I hauled a lot of the cut branches into backyard to use as props. Here you can see one of them tethered to the arch holding a bird cage. Things like this make me so happy.... its fun to play!

I also added some fringe and black fabric/netting to an old bird cage that now houses a parrot. This is one of those parrots that sold at Costco for $50.00-- they talk and move, this one doesn't work anymore, and for only $1.00 I am delighted to have him.
 I am having so much fun in my pirate yarrrrrghd!
big hugs,


  1. You have made some wonderful finds, Cheryl! So many I really like! And best of all, you're having fun doing it!

  2. Thanks for popping by, We would so be having a throw down at the yard sales. LOL Love your eye for cool unusual things, Keep smiling and creating.


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