Holiday Bazaar Display

I am slowly gearing up for the Holiday Bazaar that I am going to be a vendor at on December the 14th. Each vendor is only allowed one eight foot table-- so of course, I had to go buy an eight foot long table. I need all the space I can get! Luckily, my husband had received $75 dollars in gift cards recently, so out of  our pocket the table only cost us $5. Seeing how space is tight, I thought I would make the most of the space and pile it high. I had this 3 tiered plant stand for.ever. and thought I could repurpose it to hold some smalls on the table.
A little bit of cardboard and packing tape....
and of course some sheet music and mod podge....

 Lastly, finishing it up with a few wire edged ribbons sealed the deal, on a new display piece....

Aside from working on display pieces, I've also whipped up some small stockings. More out of the need to free up valuable space in my fabric area!

I'll have these on display in a silver pedestal bowl I picked up a while back....

I also made some snowy mittens which I'll display in this fabulous little punched aluminum container...

I have a lot of things ready to sell and I should really be focusing on getting things organized and ready for the event rather than playing--- but that just isn't as fun now is it!
big hugs,


  1. Your car under the tree-you had me there for awhile. Good luck with your sale--very clever with the wire stand!!

  2. I know your table is gonna be absolutely fantastic! Love how you dressed up that tiered stand. And the mittens and stockings are lovely. All the best, Tammy

  3. You are going to have so much fun, what delightful items you have come up with already.

    Best of luck with sales.


  4. It's always a challenge to make the most of a small display area, but I'm sure your show will be a huge success. Love the tiered display!

  5. Hello from Spain: good luck in your sales. Nice proposals .. Keep in touch

  6. You have tons of lovelies! I am certain you'll do very well!

  7. Hi Cheryl,

    your table will be awesome! Take a photo for us!! Good Luck and I love the mittens and stockings and your plant display stand!

  8. Love the mini vintage stockings Cheryl! #Adorable!


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