Spoon Rings

Watch out--- I'm on a bender again! 
I have a lot of spoon handles left over from the various spoon jewelry pieces I've made this past year, so I thought it was time to actually use the handles. So, of course, I went with the obvious... spoon rings. I think I made over fifty before I realized I needed something to showcase these in besides a bowl...

I was lucky to find a huge box full of ornate wooden frames for only $5.00 this past summer... So, I pulled one out from my stash and put a layer of glue on it and then slathered on some white paint. A few swipes of some dark stain, a little sanding and I had the perfect frame for my new ring display.

I used a piece of vintage coral fabric on this piece and a strand of pearls around the border to give it a little more vintage glam... I made this particular ring display with a wider opening to hold the wider spoon rings that I've made.

I think the display really sets off the vintage designs of the spoon rings.
I tried on each ring as I made it--- and I loved each one. I kept saying to myself, "this is the one I'll keep.".... then I'd toss it in the bowl...
I must remember to go back through them to find the one I'll keep!
Some are larger and fit really well on the thumb. I'm not a big fan of thumb rings and I was surprised that these felt so comfortable.

I also made a few that spiral around a few times...

I still have a LOT more handles left so I definitely see a lot more spoon rings in my future~
big hugs,


  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful rings. Your collection is fabulous. You are very creative. Keep in touch

  2. wonderful stuff Cheryl! and fabulous display! (of course.. I would expect no less from you! lol!)
    have a great sunday!

  3. These are so pretty -- and you are so creative with your displays!

  4. The rings are amazing as is the display. So creative!

  5. What lovely rings you created and such a nice way to display them. Also love that adorable kitty. :-)


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