Penny Table

I made another penny table....

This table came about because I had set down a small metal chair next to half of a barrel and instantly thought it was a perfect height to make into a table... so that is what I did! *wink*
This one I used only pennies, no other denomination of coins...
It was really easy to make. I cut a plywood circle to fit on top of the cut barrel. I added laminate trim to the edge and the hole for the umbrella and then just filled it in with pennies (that had been glued to tile spacers) Lastly, I just grouted the entire piece and now I have a fun table for my grand kids.
I have this small penny table in front of my grand kids pirate pet store...
So much to do, so little time~
big hugs,


  1. Ahh, thanks for visiting Cheryl and for your awesome tips on plastic eggs! Visiting your blog I see you know what you are talking about! You are one talented lady! Love all that you do!

  2. You are just so clever! I love your penny table!!!...Your grand kids must think you're yard is just magical. I can only imagine how wonderful it all looks to a little one, when here I am, middle aged and oohing at everything I see! xo

  3. Ok your table is so cute!! I can on,y imagine how many pennies it took!! happy Easter from a new follower!

  4. You are so doggone clever.....your grandkids must want to stay in your backyard for hours on end having pirate fun! Great use of pennies and you know they will stand up to anything!
    Made a lot of "cents" to use them....sorry, couldn't resist!

  5. So cute! You are always creating something fantabulous! Best wishes, Tammy


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