Celebrating Friendship

While sorting through some of my vintage jewelry today, I decided to make a necklace for one of my friends. As I pulled from different containers, I noticed that a color theme had magically appeared. I love when that happens.

I added a small religious medal that came from France.... It is so beautiful with its well-worn aged patina.
My friend Jennie is the one who called me "Artsy Fartsy" so long ago-- which is now the name of my blog~
When I finished the necklace I attached it to an antique photo frame that I pulled the old photo from. It does pay to hoard some things. *wink* In the area where the old photo was I simply added some old paper from the late 1880's. I bought a bundle of legal papers that had a wax seal and everything. I probably have the grant deed to something very-very important, but for now, I'm cutting it up and using it!
I gave this necklace to my friend Jennie this evening. She loved it. She told me that she is going to hang it on the wall as it is.... still attached to the photo frame. I told her it was a NECKLACE, but she loves it just like it is... She cracks me up~
big hugs,


  1. You have a knack for putting things together and presenting them so beautifully. Artsy fartsy you are indeed. :) Lovely gift! Best wishes, Tammy

  2. So pretty - I know your friend is loving the gift.
    Be careful what you cut up, as you could have a document worth something. LOL

  3. Hello from Spain: great necklace. Your doing a great job. To your friend will like it a lot. Keep in touch

  4. nice work

  5. I think it's beautiful -- but even more so, the thought and effort behind it!


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