I got some fabulous treasures this past weekend. One of the picker/resellers I usually buy from sometimes sells things super cheap. I am always happy to be around when he is doing that! I got three empty antique photo albums for $1.00 each. I know right?
I've got big plans for these. *stay tuned!*
So beautiful even in this tattered state.
These are from the late 1800's.
The largest of the three has beautiful graphics that surround some of the mats. They are not on every single page, but every other. One thing is for sure, I'm glad I've got them! The graphics are stunning~
Here is a close up of the clasp. Pretty cool.
 Tucked inside the largest album was one lone photo...
 along with several stacked petals from a rose *sigh* It does make you wonder doesn't it? I'll keep the two together since they have been together all these years.
Here is the other vintage hardware on the two smaller photo albums. One is completely missing the latch. The other is complete and has some verdigris on it... beautiful~
 I also got 65 pieces of silverware for $5.00. Making and selling just one spoon ring would get me a return on that investment.
This beaut was only $10.00. She is in need of a make-over.
I also managed to snag this revolving display rack. I was wanting something just like this! *score*
I also got a box full of craft supplies from my friend Verlon. There is a lot of treasures in this box!
Not to be outdone, my friend Sandra gave me a beautiful old window frame. I keep going back and forth on making it into a blackboard or a cork board. What a beauty huh?
What a great treasure filled weekend!
big hugs,


  1. Fabulous finds! My mind is bouncing around with possibilities -- I'll bet yours is over the top!

  2. Very awesome vintage photo albums! It was a good "treasure" shopping day for you.

  3. NO WAY you got those old albums for a buck!!!! I gotta move closer to you!!!

  4. You did score! Lots of treasures to create with.

  5. I absolutely love the vintage photo albums. This is a fabulous find!

  6. You did it again, LOVE those albums. I will be waiting to see what you do with them. And the dress form, such an interesting find.


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