I made a cover for the  stack of painted pages I painted when I was bored  journal pages I had amassed.

I reinforced the side of the book cover with thin chipboard covered in metal tape. I attached the dragonfly brooch to the cover with E6000 and then for added cuteness I used thin copper wire and stitched it to the books cover. The large silver dandelion embellishment is a Darice embossing folder imprint which I used metal tape with as well.
I do not like to journal at all, but I do like making things.... so I guess I would put this book into more along the lines of being a glue book... or even a smash book.

Yes, that's my story and I am sticking to it...
I added an old vintage letter to one page that I simply sealed closed against the page with a sticker.... you just know at some point someone is going to peel off that sticker and read the letter... I would.

I also added an old envelope to one page and stuffed an old art piece of mine I had in a box into it....

I like the process of making something....  cutting, gluing, painting, distressing... you know.
I added a lot of scrap booking paper to this book as you can see. No excuses, I just love the images on the paper.... I buy it then never use it, I am sure you can all relate! I decided to start actually using it! *gasp* I added some velum over some of the pages for writing, and some I am planning on doing a white-wash finish over the top making another area for writing... (not that I am going to write in it)

 Recently though, I am especially fond of being able to set something aside and work on it at a much later time when the mood strikes. Although I don't consider any of these pages "finished" as of yet... I am happy to set them aside for now....
 I have other thoughts on my mind..... As part of my Birthmonth gift to myself (starting in September) I have decided I want another pirate store in my backyard. I have been looking online for some plans to build one and I think I have found the perfect plans for building such a store.
Isn't it fabulous? It is a biggie, 10 x 12... I may have to make it 10 x 10 to fit the space I was wanting it to fit.... but it looks easy enough to shorten. (I hope!) Of course my version is going to be a pirate store not a green house, but the basic frame is something I can use.
So, now comes the HUGE domino effect that is going to be underway in my backyard with all the plants needing to be moved and transplanted, along with finding new spots for the pirate props. Adding more drip irrigation... and then of course the actual building of the pirate store itself. All doable... but eiy-eiy-eiy... what am I getting myself into?
big hugs,


  1. What a beautiful project. Love the dragonfly.

  2. Caught your post on FB. My blog is
    Drop by and say hi

  3. It is always so fun to come over here, Cheryl. I love your journal idea. I could even make them for Christmas gifts, using copies of the old letters and envelopes and postcards that I have.

    I can't wait to see your Pirate store after you get it done. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    Kathy M.

  4. Glue book or journal? Does it matter? I think not -- I just find it absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Oooooh, I love your journal. Your pages are so creative and interesting. I really like your style. Blessings,


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