Yard Work

Or should I say "yarrrghd work!" I've been steadily working on my backyard moving things around getting a large space opened up so I can build my newest pirate store. I had to move several large clumps of orange flowered Cannas from the area I'm wanting to build on. I decided to transplant the plants along part of my fence which will add a nice tropical flare to this area.

I L.O.V.E the large leaves on these plants! Luckily, they transplanted very well and seem to be doing fine even in this hot weather we've been having.

Of course, once I had the last Cannas plants divided and planted, I decided I wanted the planting area to be a little larger! Twice as big to be exact. Which meant one plank all around the deck had to be removed. (half way finished so far) I had to build a retaining wall under the deck to keep the dirt in the "planter box" area. Now, I not only have a larger area for the Cannas plants to spread out and flourish, I have another area to display some pirate treasure. Aaargh!
Besides transplanting plants, I have had to transplant a few pirate treasures throughout my yard as well. 
 Which begins the whole domino effect...
The upside is, its good to get reacquainted with things I forgot I had *wink* and of course, make ROOM for some new additions.... like this Poseidon/Neptune statue that I bought this past weekend. I placed the statue next to my pirate bar. I thought I'd whip up a sign for the bar, maybe calling it "Neptunes Waterfront Bar"  I thought that'd be funny since the bar is beside the pool~ I am contemplating painting the statue either copper with some green verdigris, or painting it gold. Still undecided on that... The Neptune statue is missing the three pronged Trident that sits on top of his spear. I will either replace it with something similar or possibly add a large conch shell to the spear instead. Stay tuned for his transformation..... 
I would like to create a large basin around the bottom of this statue and fill it with seashells...... could be so darn cute!
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  1. Those are HUGE! I don't know how you keep it all up -- but it sure looks terrific!

  2. you crack me up! Your grandkids must be in heaven when they come over! never a dull moment at your place!
    have a great day


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