Girl Scouts

My five year old grand daughter is going to be selling Girl Scout cookies in a few months and I am excited for her.... I thought it would be fun for her to make some "cookies on a cookie sheet" for either a Girl Scout swap or just as a little thank you gift for a cookie purchase.
 My daughter had a bag full of rectangle shaped pins that worked out perfectly for the cookie sheet.

I used metal tape to cover the pins and then using a hole punch I punched out a bazillion little circles (cookies) out of thin chip board.
I dabbed Elmer's glue on the metal covered pins and glued the circles in place. Lastly, I handed them over to Miss Chloe and she gets the fun job of adding all the chocolate chips to all the cookies.
I am sure she has her eye on getting a patch for selling the most cookies.. the little cutie-pie~
big hugs,


  1. congratulations to her! These are adorable!

  2. Those cookie sheet pins are the cutest thing ever! I remember when they first started letting Brownies sell the cookies (before they had to be the older Girl Scouts). People fell all over themselves to buy from the Brownies because they were so cute in their little uniforms!
    I'd like a box of Thin Mints, please :)

  3. amazing! you are very creative. My mom just dropped two boxes of my childhood stuff off at my house and in there was my badge for selling 100 boxes of cookies in 1977!

  4. Supper cute!!!!! I'm sure she'll sell lots...especially if her Nana takes her to the craft shows she goes to!


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