Fancy Flea Market

I'm going to be a vendor at another Artist's Market this weekend.

I always bring more items then my tables will hold--- yet that doesn't stop me from cranking out some more things!
 While tidying up my studio a little bit, I came across the handles of some souvenir spoons  I had previously cut the bowls off of.
 I had already turned the ends back to make little loops for hanging on a chain... and then I put them aside. Something bright and shiny must have caught my eye *wink*
 I went through my ever growing stash of vintage do-dads and pulled out some fun pieces and simply glued them in place.
The atmosphere at this venue is fabulous and they have people who help you unload and load up your vehicles...  and they even pop up your canopies and set up your tables! Well, with this event on Saturday, I think I'll go make something else. I've got time~ *wink*
big hugs,


  1. Very Pretty ! Good luck on your show/sale - hope it is very successful.

  2. These are lovely! I'm sure you'll do really well!

  3. These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!!


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