I recently bought this large statue of Neptune while poking around the swap meet. Handsome devil isn't he? The rod he is holding was missing the trident part (the three-pronged spear) so I decided to add a seashell instead of recreating a spear.

Of course, I had to paint him gold to fit in better with the pirate themed backyard I have. After spray painting the statue gold, I added some black to give the statue an aged appearance. I think it looks much better gold than the stark white~

I used a product called Fix-it-All Patch to attach the seashell to the metal rod.
It is a white powder that you simply mix with water to use. I added just enough water to turn the powder into a clay like material and used that to squish the seashell onto the rod.
Last year, I covered a bottle with the Fix-it-All Patch product, and left the bottle out in the elements all year long. It has held up pretty good. I mixed water into the powder and created a frosting like consistency and used a spatula to cover the bottle....  Once the bottle was dry, I spray painted it brown and added the burlap lid.

Since this statue is by the bar area, I am going to be making a bar sign with the word "Neptune" in it.... eventually.
 We have begun the daunting task of starting on the newest pirate store. I am anxious to get it completed before the rainy weather hits us full force.
big hugs,


  1. he looks big! perfect addition to your pirate sanctuary!
    have a great day

  2. You do such remarkable techniques -- and he is most appropriate at the patio!

  3. He turned out perfect! I like him so much better in gold and the shell was a brilliant idea! I bet you found it at a yard sale!!!


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