Outdoor Buffet Table

My new outdoor buffet table is finally finished. Well, the structure is built, I still have to add some pirate items to it to completely finish it off. We started this project months ago and have worked on it here and there until it got completed. Whew. It was one of those projects I never thought would get done.
I wanted the new buffet table to be made out of old fence planks, which is no easy feet as most people haul them off to the dump.

I did find someone giving away old boards on Craigslist... We were at their house at 6:00 a.m. just in case anyone else had designs on my wood.
I wanted a cement top on my new buffet table... but I didn't want to do the work. Isn't that how it goes sometimes? Instead, I tried something new. I bought Backerboard and cut that to fit the buffet top. So far so good! I bought the cement boards that are indoor and outdoor. The backerboard seems to be weathering nicely so I'm not going to paint it until I absolutely have to. I am planning on adding old fish nets and other things to the buffet front at a later date. I was just so excited to have it completed I was in a hurry to share it!
The length of my new buffet table is 25 feet. I previously had a 10 foot buffet table and that was always crowded with food and there was no room for chachkies. We created this buffet table with several openings under it so I could display cool stuff underneath it.
 I still have these two areas to finish off with a lot of small interesting things... which I am still needing to find! Once the weather gets warmer I'll go back and add some really fabulous jewelry pieces inside each vignette just to give everything a little bit more excitement. These last two areas are both works in progress, who knows what they will end up looking like when I'm finished.
At this far end is where I will have a power strip for crock pots and anything else that needs power. You can see my hose poking out of the side of the buffet table. A necessary evil I am afraid. I have a piece of wood at the ready to cover up that area when the hose gets put away and it's party time.

I have a lot more wood planks left over... I feel some more projects coming on!
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  1. Very nice, Cheryl. A huge project -- so nice you are in a climate where you can leave that outdoors all year!

  2. Lots of room for lots of good food. :) Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  3. Wow that does look like you have enough room now and I love the idea of having an opening to showcase the treasures, very cool!

  4. What an interesting piece! It shows that there is a lot of thought and effort into the design. Wonderful!

  5. I love this buffet. I can see why it took so long to get this far. It is a ton of work. Looks beautiful

  6. I ♥ ♥ ♥ your BIG buffet table. And believe me, I could help you fill up underneath it, too!!!!


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