Recent Treasures

Here are some of my recent treasures that I've found and hauled home. I found a wooden 3/4 barrel for only $20.00. I have no idea what the previous owner used it for, but I see it has potential to be something fabulous. It has a hinged door at the bottom and a hole with threads in it too. I love the fact that it has two brackets attached to the side, this would make a perfect table to hold hand towels....Who knows what it will end up looking like!

 I also scored on two full size barrels too. The original price was $45 each. I got both of them for $45.... Buy one, get one free. Score.

Buddha was smiling down on me today... I got two.  This jolly golden guy with a nice smile...

and this solemn looking statue too. 
I also scored on some candle sticks and lanterns... my cat Chumley loves pirate stuff as much as I do.

 Here are some other random odds and ends. I adore the little wooden baby shoe form. At first glance I didn't think it was old-- until I flipped it over.
It was only $1.00, who could resist...

About a month ago, I bought an old chippy door that I thought would be a perfect door for my pirate store... I ended up not liking it for that-- so we are making it into a counter for the pirate store instead.
 I had every intention to leave it chippy.... but one thing lead to another and it was just so fun and easy to scrap off the paint.....
The upside is now I can paint it all one color and then distress it so it looks fabulous. So like the saying goes, "That is my story and I'm sticking to it."
big hugs,


  1. Hello from Spain: Fabulous treasures. Great purchases. Keep in touch

  2. I will be anxious to see what you do with the barrel! We have one in our shed. I always wanted my husband to make planters out of it.

  3. Wonderful finds, I love the wooden mug with the pewter plaque on it!!

  4. OMG!!! Of course I want to go junking with you...who wouldn't? but the work, I'll leave that to you LOL! Of course I would make a leg cut off with the shoe and I can see how it's been used a lot with all the nail holes, I'm envious but happy you are having such a fabulous time and so I'm I along with you. Thanks and...

  5. Perfect, Cheryl! You certainly know how to get the best finds! And Chumley is gorgeous!


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