My grand daughter is at Disneyland today with her Girl Scout troop. Last year she sold over 1,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and part of the money earned went towards this trip with the troop. She informed me she was taking one of her Disney Animator dolls with her to the park. She has five of the dolls now. I thought it would be fun for her friend who was going to Disneyland too- to have a doll at the park as well... so I gave up one of my dolls to her little friend. I thought Tinkerbell would fit the bill nicely. Tinkerbell needed some clothing, so I got busy! I didn't want my grand daughter to feel jealous with me gifting her friend with a doll AND clothing, so I whipped up another set of all the clothing I was making for her friend... for her. Here is Tinkerbell in some smiley face pajamas...

and some matching smiley face slippers.
I think Tink looks pretty cute in her new jammies.
 I also tried my hand at making a long rain jacket. I started off using super cheap fabric to work out a pattern. The original working pattern is on Rapunzel. The second working pattern is on Anna (jean jacket) and the finished Minnie Mouse rain jacket is on Merida in the middle.  Merida is smirking because she is stark naked under her jacket... she is a nutter.
 I also whipped up a nice comfy Mickey Mouse outfit with some shoes for Tinkerbell to wear while at the park... again, I made a matching outfit for my grand daughter's doll too.
 I also made a Mickey Mouse hat for Tinkerbell. My grand daughter already had one for her doll. I had to create this hat with a hole at the top to accommodate Tinkerbell's hair bun. The one bad thing about the hair on this Tinkerbell doll is that you have to leave it in a pony tail or bun-- if you take the hair down, the backside of her head is bald. Poo.
 Here is Tinkerbell decked out and ready for a day of fun at Disneyland!
 While I had my yarn out, I also made two Mickey Mouse hats that matched the ones I had made the two small dolls. Now my grand daughter and her friend can match their dolls!
I'm really enjoying making doll clothing-- but it is getting a little bit time consuming and I'm not playing around with anything else! Isn't that how it always goes~
big hugs,


  1. This is a cute post. Absolutely LOVE that mouse ear hat. I know those girls had a great time.

  2. youre the bestest!
    have a great day!

  3. You had to use all your dollhouse genius to make these adorable clothes! Once you get all of that out you can go back to making other things. :-)

  4. Oh these are just too cute and how nice of you to make some for her friend too. Hope they have a great time on their trip, good for her for selling so many!!


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