I bought these two wrought iron candelabras a few years ago-- $7.00 for the pair. I stuck them in my backyard-- and that is as far as I got with that project. I decided to finally make some candles for them.
 I was lucky to find some 1/2" pvc pipe in my garage that fit perfectly in the candle sockets of the candelabras. I didn't feel like digging around looking for a hand saw to cut the pipe-- so I tried my hand at using some pruning shears and luckily it cut the plastic pipe easily.
I roughly cut some chipboard circles to cover one end of the opening of each pvc pipe. I poked a hole in the center of each piece of cardboard and pulled through a piece of thick floss generally used for plastic canvas to act as each candles wick.

After hot gluing the chipboard onto the pvc pipe, I then squirted a little bit of hot glue down the sides of each candle to mimic the look of melted candle wax.

Next, I hot glued each pvc pipe temporarily to some cardboard so I could spray paint them easily without them falling over.
A little bit of paint transforms them quickly into candles...
Once the white spray paint had dried, I simply pulled each one off of the cardboard and added some watered down brown paint to each candlestick to make them look old. I left the tops of each candle white, I think it adds to the "realness" of the look of the candles.

I added a plastic skull, which I spray painted black, to the tops of both candelabras. Ah, much better~

I am almost ready to reveal my lagoon makeover--- I'm so excited to share how super-cute it turned out!
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  1. OK, that's cool! I never knew you could spray paint that pipe! Did you have to use that Rustolium paint for plastic?

  2. What a great project! Thanks for sharing how you made the candles! Really spooky with those skulls on top - haha!

  3. You're so clever! Can't wait to see the makeover!

  4. looking forward to seeing the makeover! those turned out cool!

  5. You are just so creative, I just love your candles they turned out fantastic and look perfect for your candle holders!


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