Our six weeks of puppy training classes have come to an end. My German Shepard puppy is still all puppy-- but she has great moments of pure obedience... but then quickly resorts to being a carefree, psychotic puppy once again. I know once she outgrows her youth she is going to be a fantastic obedient dog. She is now five months old and since I've gotten her, she has doubled her weight!

I enjoyed learning how to train a puppy... and I did listen and pay attention.... even if my dog didn't *wink* With that said, I wanted to give our very patient dog trainer a little something-something as a thank you gift from the "class-clown" a.k.a. Akira. I had read a very funny quote a few months ago which read, "I just got a Cheerio stuck between my toes walking through the kitchen. Clearly my dog isn't doing her part of the chores around here." Well I ran with that quote-- straight to my studio to create a little wall hanging. I love to use vintage book covers to build upon when I make these wall hangers, this one was from the early 1900's.
Once I had the funny quote/wall hanger finished, I needed a gift bag to put it in. Now, I probably have enough gift bags to last me the rest of my life... but there was none that I deemed suitable for my handmade gift... so of course, I had to make a gift bag! I had an empty puppy food bag with a really nice zippered top on it... perfect!
 I drew a straight line where I wanted to cut the bag...
Next, I turned the bag inside out and I wiped it clean with a baby wipe. Then I lined up the edges and added some paper clips to keep the edges together and I drew a line where I would staple the edges together.
 I stapled on the line very close together to create a seam for the bottom of the bag.
 After the staples where in place, I placed duct tape over the entire surface of the inside-out bag. At the very bottom of the bag, I cut away some of the extra paper bag and then placed some duct tape on one side of the bag and pulled it to the other side to seal in the staples both front and back.
 Ta-da... all finished and looking snazzy! Now, the hardest part of all--- pulling this bag right side out!
 Here it is all finished. A little bit more wrinkled then what I started with, but I think it turned out super cute!
 Here is the newly made gift bag showing the duct taped interior of the bag.
Along with the wall hanger I also gave her a little fabric snap bag that I had previously made. If I remember correctly, I think I got this fabric from my friend Diannia... *waves to Diannia* Now, I know not everyone loves handmade gifts, I get that--- so I tucked in a gift card to the Texas Roadhouse. Yum. Everyone loves food!
Since school is out for summer.. ahem... we have been enjoying being in the pool to get some relief from the heat. Akira is VERY smart... she sees me sitting with my feet in the pool-- and does the same! The photo is a smidge blurry... I took it from my Instagram page :-)
She even does this in her small wading pool....  she is looking at a ping pong ball in her pool.

I am going to look into getting her in the next level of classes possibly when it gets cooler. We are already hitting 100 degrees here in California. Before the next round of classes, I also have to work on her coming when I call her name... the little stinker KNOWS HER NAME when I have some chicken or tri tip in my hand... but call her name with no treats?  Your dead to her.
big hugs,


  1. At least your puppy graduated from puppy school! Sweet Pea was a stinker during class time so we had to train "away" from the class..,.the trainer was kind enough to give me a certificate with her name one it. LOL...your last sentence about being dead to you!
    That is a nice gift to give the instructor.

  2. What a sweet dog! How was the training?
    I have a black Malinois Shepherd.
    He is 8 mos. old...and he is super busy.

  3. Love that wall hanging. Your puppy is such a darling.

  4. Very clever project -- and congratulations to Akira! Graduation is fun!

    It'll take some time, Cheryl. And I think dogs are much easier to train than cats. I'm pretty sure Lizzie knows her name, but you wouldn't know it from her response!

  5. Wow she is getting big!! I know what you mean my dog listens to my hubby more than me... He says it is his deep voice, so I try to do a deep voice and my hubby just laughs. Now she is almost 16 and can't hear anymore unless it is very loud, makes me so sad.
    Wow 100, yeah I think it is a good idea to wait, love that you have her own little pool for her, have a great summer!

  6. Hi Cheryl! I had some of that fabric so yea you probably got it from me...I just don't remember the actual "transaction" I can't wait to see what all you make with the stuff you picked up this weekend!!!!

  7. Love the photo of Arika sitting on the edge of her pool. That was a good laugh! Your gift to the trainer was really cute. I've always said that my dogs are hard of hearing because it takes 3 calls to get them to acknowledge me. They'll look up and their expression says, "Me? Are you calling me? Oh! You want me to come. Okay mom, just a minute."


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