My Lagoon

The Lagoon area in my pirate backyard is newly updated and I couldn't be more pleased. I added about four more additional feet to the lagoon area which doesn't sound like much, but it has made a world of difference. We pulled down a 10' x 12' sunshade covering and created a more substantial roof over this area. At one of the stairways  into the step down lagoon I added some sheer curtains to frame the entrance...
 As you step down your warned to beware of pirates...
 This is the view to the right of the stairs as you step down...
The view to the left of the stairs..

This is the view standing on the stairs looking into the lagoon. Now that this area is larger, I now have a great space for a cozy seating area.
 I have enough seating in the lagoon for seven people to sit comfortable-- with room to spare!
 I decided not to create a long table across the back wall and opted to just use the space to showcase a few things.
As you can tell, I've really got it packed with a lot of stuff.

At a later date I may change my mind and do something different, that is how I roll~
 Because this is an area where people can sit and linger for longer periods of time, I tried to pull together interesting things to create little vignettes for people to gauze at...
 Inside this pirate chest I've been tossing some nicer pieces of jewelry and other nicer odds and ends.
 Behind the couch I've added a triangle table sitting on top of a whiskey barrel for added display space.
 Past the couch is the remnants of our pirate ship.
 I think the ship looks so much better here than on the cement pad where it was originally moored...

At the front of the ship is a fabulous area filled with a pirate chest and TONS of gems and jewels. Unfortunately my puppy thought the area looked enticing-- and had started to dig in the jewels--- so I had to fence off the area. I am hopeful that by next year she won't even give the area a second glance. Fingers crossed. 

Just past this area is another stairway entrance into the lagoon.
So as you come down these stairs you'll see the couch to the right.... With more seating to the left...
From this view you can see the other stair entrance in the back...

We have already had one lovely party recently and I foresee many-many more on the horizon!
big hugs,


  1. A great place to sit and chat with friends or just to chill out alone, lots to look at.

  2. I had to go to your profile to see where the heck you live!! Of course it HAD to be somewhere warm so you could enjoy this spot year 'round!! Your creative mind amazes me and I bet you throw one heck of a good party. I've enjoyed visiting here and watching you redecorate your lagoon. What up next?
    xx, Carol

  3. A-Hoy I would love to have a parlee or a pint of rum with you in your Pirates Den. My magpie eye LOVES this space. You have done an amazing job, thanks for sharing your booty!

  4. It looks amazing! I hear there won't be a little's party this year...and I'm very bummed about that!

  5. This place just gets more and more adorable.

  6. How fun and I just love your seating area inside, such a neat entrance to it also, isn't it something how our furbabies go right to the things we would like them to stay away from, I can see some great parties and relaxing times in this area you have created!

  7. Love your lagoon! You've obviously put a lot of thought and time into it and it looks great.
    Ahoy Matey!


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