Angel Wings

I was given a lot of feather wings recently and thought I had better make use of them.... (There was over 50!)

I pulled them out of the packaging and then gathered some other things to assemble the wings into little wall hanging "Angel wings."
I cut the long wire bits off and glued the wings together. To hang the wings I used some chipboard tags covered with vintage sheet music glued to the backside.
Then it was just a matter of gluing some ribbon on the backside for hanging, and a flower to the front side. Very "1980's" in my opinion-- but cute none the less.
I'll take these along with me to the street faire I'm selling at next month. I've got a lot of things to take to sell... it ends up looking a little bit like a "yard sale" at my booth since there is no rhyme or reason to the amount of different things I make!
I think I'll end up selling these for $1 or $2 bucks each. I like to keep things super cheap at my booth--- I don't make things to "sell" I make things to MAKE things and selling them is one way to keep from drowning in the things I make. *wink*
big hugs,


The grandmommy said...

Cool! I have a lot of multicolored ones. Wonder what I can do with them?

Merlesworld said...

Very pretty , they would make great small hats for the races.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Craft shows were really big here in the 90's. I participated in one a week starting the last Saturday in October up to the first of December. It was quite lucrative for me. I was like you. I loved to make things and selling them was the best way of disposing of them. My items were priced to sell. Craft shows are not so big here now. Church Bazaars are about the only ones around now. I really MISS participating in those shows!!

The wings should sell well. Nice Christmas ornaments.
xx, Carol

Jeanie said...

I think they'll sell well -- a great holiday ornament!

Conniecrafter said...

I just love the creative ideas you come up with and this one is terrific!! I am sure they will sell quickly, especially at that price, good luck!

Jeannie Marie said...

Oh they will sell! They are gorgeous! The money can buy more craft items!