Happy Halloween

Well here it is another Halloween.... we were to have a Halloween party yesterday but it rained all-day-long... so we are going to have it next weekend.

I'm glad the party is still going to take place as I've done a few improvements since the last time this group of people have been over, I love to see their reactions!
I am always changing things up-- I am always wanting to improve upon something~

I love it when people ask me... "Is this new?"
"Was this like-- this-- last year?"
 My grandson told me he wants to pass out drinks at the bar... (bottles of water with your choice of a flavored drink packet) So I added some small lantern lights to this area and put some things of interest on the bar top.
 I decided to put the boat I had previously had in the swimming pool in the yard...
 When I buy something and really have no idea where to put it, I just toss it in this general area...
 I also bought more commercial outdoor party lights. My husband and I measured the distance I was needing... for some reason I thought the measurement was 100 feet....
 Yep... that was to much.
 So much so that it ended up going down the backside of the house--- which is what we wanted/needed... and then there was enough that it went down the other side of the house too. A perfectly happy accident. Whew.
I also added some lights to the "Boutiki" (play) store. This little wooden filled store was just a black hole at night time, you couldn't see anything inside. I just got finished dusting this store, (squirted everything with water) it looks so much better now. We built three more counters for the game area.
 It is finally looking like it is all coming together nicely. I also have an electrical plug that I can reach now without a ladder. Hooray!
 The painted old wooden door is for an over the door electronic basketball game that the kids LOVE to play...
 After this upcoming party I'll start getting the yard ready for the winter season.
Most everything that can hold water will be turned upside down,
 gazebo covers and umbrellas will be put away...
 Cushions will be put in the garage....
 Everything that can be blown into the pool will be moved a safe distance from the edge of the pool.
The party lights will be able to stay up year round as they are commercial grade and made to stay up for years.
Lastly, a photo of my big dog, Akira. She is a big toy tossing, cat chasing, pretends not to know her name when you call her, pooping machine.

Correction... she thinks her name is, "Do you want some Chicken?"
big hugs,


  1. OMGosh, what a total wonderland. I love it when you share pics of your Pirate Cove. Sorry the weather didn't cooperate with your party plans...but you proved the show WILL go on.
    xx, Carol

  2. Cheryl, this is spectacular. I'm just amazed at your cool party and decor.So many wonderful and creative ideas here. And I love your fur baby. Hope the party was a success.

  3. I am sorry that your party was rained out, but glad you were able to post pone it. I can only imagine how your yard is in person and I can imagine you get a lot of compliments and ooohhhs and awwws over everything you have done! Hope you enjoy a great time with family and friends!!

  4. Oh my -- looks like the biggest party ever! I know it was fabulous and everyone had the best time ever! How on earth do you top it?!

  5. What an awesome pirate area you have! It works together so well. Arika is beautiful. Thanks for the chuckle about her. My dog thinks his name is Walk. Anytime that word is used in a sentence he is glued to me. :-)


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