Doll Clothing

I've been busy creating some new outfits for my grandaughter's Disney Animator dolls. Here is Ariel sporting a Disneyland outfit with matching shoes.
 Little Anna is wearing a candy cane flannel dress with little bloomers and matching shoes....
 Pocahontas is wearing a little flowered dress with a matching headband and shoes.
 I wanted to create a snowflake inspired dress for Elsa. I used white fabric that has glittered beads on it- for an ice crystal look to the dress. I also created a ribbon flower headband and a detachable cape and matching shoes.

 The cape can be pulled forward for a completely different look.
 The cape is just tucked inside the back of the dress.  I didn't want it to be attached so the cape can be added to any dress that my grandaughter would like to add it too.

Here is Merida... She prefers to be naked.... but she was kind enough to put on this plaid dress with black velvet shoes. The back of this dress has a stunning bow on it-- but Merida refused to turn around for a photo of it.
Here is little Anna again, she is wearing an outfit I created for Aladdin. I don't have any boy dolls so in a pinch Anna said she would showcase it for me. I made him a t-shirt, black pants and some brown shoes.
 Here is sister's Anna and Elsa wearing two more of the dresses I made. That purple fabric was a bear to work with... but in the end made a darling dress, shoes and headband. I added a small gingerbread man to the Christmas print that Anna is wearing.
 Lastly, is Rapunzel. She is wearing a red velvet dress and matching shoes. The red velvet dress looks long in this photo-- but it isn't that long in person. I also made all of her dolls Santa hats to wear.
I had to buy myself a new sewing machine at the tail end of creating all of these doll outfits. The thread tension on the Brother sewing machine I had bought at a yard sale years ago for only $25 bucks kept giving me fits... I bought a "Project Runway" Computerized Brother sewing machine that I am In.Love.With. Oh my goodness... what a difference a new machine makes in your life! This little beauty has a self threader! I have plans to make some more doll clothing in the near future. I personally have seven of the Animator dolls... and only one of them likes to be naked. The rest would like some clothing!
big hugs,


  1. I bought that Brother about 2 years ago. I like Brother and thought it would be a great "cheap" second machine. I got a bug to have two machines, one threaded light, one dark. My "real" machine is a Viking which I love. That little Brother surprised me big time. I really love it and am happy to use either machine. And for the most part, feet are interchangeable.

    I used to make tons of doll clothes when my daughter was little (she gave us grandsons). As I read this post I thought about how much making doll clothes can satisfy the little girl in us. Think about it. You HAVE to try the clothes on the dolls when you are done. I love them all.

    Merry Christmas, Cheryl. Thank you for being a blog friend.
    xx, Carol

  2. What a special treat for your granddaughter; I'm sure she'll love them.
    Enjoy your new sewing machine!!

  3. So very cute! She's going to LOVE them! Now it's time to make some for your dolls!

  4. Oh my goodness these are absolutely adorable, I love the cap idea and the shimmer on Elsa's dress. I can imagine the purple fabric was a bit hard to work with but you did a fantastic job on all of them really, I totally bet she is going to be just thrilled with them and won't know where to start :)
    I had a brother too that went bad on me, too much for my hubby to fix, he said he would rather just buy me a new one so I bought a singer this time, I don't sew enough so every time I go to use it I have to reteach myself, been working on a table runner for my friends Christmas gift, today I am putting on the binding and I will be done!!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Oh my! You made so many cute outfits! I love Elsa's with the cute little cape! I think my dollies are going to want a cape now. And I love that you made little shoes and matching headbands...makes everything so sweet. And the red velvet is gorgeous. I have a Brother and love it but it's a cheaper model. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Hugs, Diane

  6. Oh those cuties - I love their clothes. I've been thinking about sewing more clothes for my dolls - not that they need any - but there always seems to be something I want to sew. They have boxes and boxes of clothes for every season or holiday - but still I sew. I love the plaid outfit you made - it seems to be my favorite. Happy stitching.

  7. I am sure your granddaughter adored the new dolly clothes that you made for her Disney Animator Dolls. I am especially adoring the Rapunzel doll's pretty new red velvet dress. All of the dresses are so cute and perfect for the holidays. The Santa Hats are always great fun for the dolls. I haven't had a "new" sewing machine for about five decades. My old Sears sewing machine (cabinet model) had the same problem with the tension running amuck. I finally bought a used sewing machine at a yard sale for twenty-five dollars a couple of summers back. I am still using it. I am thinking I will buy a real "new" machine in the not too distant future. By the way the old Sears machine in the cabinet went out to the trash last week.


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