Paper clay Mermaids

The Paper clay mermaids I made took So. Long. To. Make. POO! I created the little base of each Mermaid using some tin foil, a small piece of a pipe cleaner, a little bit of cardboard and some tape. I pre-made tiny paper clay faces that I used to determine how big the mermaids would be. Each mermaid measures about 3 1/2 inches.
 I then covered the bodies with paper clay. I forgot how much I love working with this clay. The drying time between the layers of the paper clay made this quick project take forever to complete. I have read that you can place wet paper clay into a dehydrator and it will speed up the drying time considerably-- so I may be on the look out for one of those in the near future.

After sanding the little mermaids I set out to paint them....

For the mermaid hair I tied little bundles of tinsel together and simply glued the hair in place on top of each head.

I think they turned out kinda cute~ The little faces look very garish in these photos, but hanging on the tree they look fine.

I also glittered up some seashells to add to the tree as well.
I had no rhyme or reason for the way I posed each mermaid.... When each one was finished I had to figure out what to do with the arms/hands--- so I added some small shells or some glittered seaweed and some small pearls.

Of course, I added some rhinestone necklaces too.

I was going to create a spectacular tree topper but figured I had better keep plugging away on the doll clothing I am creating for a Christmas gift....

So I just added a mermaid at the top of the tree for now.

I'm glad they are finished!  Although-- at a later date, I may cut each mermaids hair a little shorter as you can't really see the mermaids tails very well.

Remember the old green trunk I bought a few weeks ago? I painted it black and highlighted the embossing on the old trunk with some metallic silver paint.
I lined the entire trunk with old maps. I'm in love with it! I have never had a tree with a tall tree trunk before, when it was fully decorated I thought it looked a little "wonky"-- so I stuck it in the old steamer trunk and added a few presents in the trunk as well. A mermaid tree in a pirate chest. Perfect. I see our 30 year old magic elf has found his way to the pirate chest.....

It is hard to believe Christmas is a week away!
I still have presents to wrap! Oh well.... I'll muddle through it!
big hugs,


  1. I love that trunk. And the mermaids are fabulous! So creative. Happy holidays!

  2. The mermaids are gorgeous! I know they took a lot of work to make them but they are SO WORTH IT! WOW! Merry Christmas!

  3. OMGOSH!!!! I have such a HUGE smile on my face! Those mermaids are TOO MUCH and then the tree in the trunk piled with presents. I just can't get over how danged creative you are!! I love the whimsey in your creations. Gosh I wish we lived near each other. I bet we could get in a LOT of trouble. I'd just follow you lead and laugh all the way.
    Merry Christmas!
    You bring joy to my day!
    BTW: it is -13 and windchill of -25 this AM.
    xx, Carol

  4. Terrific job with the mermaids, they turned out wonderful and love how you decorated the tree together and put it in the trunk, great maps for the inside and so love how you displayed it all together!!

  5. Nice job, Cheryl! So fanciful and fun! It all works perfectly together!


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