Vintage Lockers

For years I have been wanting to find old school lockers to have inside my house. I've come across some, but they were always to tall or the person selling them was wanting money for them. And what if I pay the money and drag it home and then hate it? That has been known to happen with things I've bought in the past. *wink*
Last week I went to our local swap meet--- on a Friday of all days-- and happened upon this beauty for only $20.00. (talked down from $25- because that's how I roll) Small, but not to small... it stands at 4" 6".
 Of course, when I spotted it-- it looked like this:
There was acrylic paint on some of the locker doors, and it was covered with years of grime. The interior of the lockers were dirty, but nothing a few buckets of sudsy hot water and elbow grease couldn't handle. With about an hours worth of sanding and scrubbing the entire piece was ready for a fresh coat of paint.
Just look at all the potential storage. *swoon* I'm going to thread some bolts through the holes in the sides of the locker walls and then add a piece of plywood to make a shelf in the middle of some of the lockers.

I found the map covered letters spelling "Love" at a yard sale for $1.00 each. I tacked them on the wall above my new lockers that I love.
I had bought the glass terrarium at a yard sale for $1.00. I had tried to keep a plant alive inside it. Yep, that didn't work out so well. But now, I have a beautiful container to hold some of my antique Christmas ornaments.
One of the many things I like to collect is old class photos. I have no idea why, I just think they are charming. This particular photo I made copies of and then cut one photo apart and applied it on top of the other so when your looking at it straight on it gives the illusion of real depth. Here you can see it in the photo below.
 I placed my antique dress form next to my new lockers. On the other side of my new lockers I want to make a 4' industrial looking hall table. I originally wanted a super long hall table, but with my new lockers and the front door needing to be opened against the wall-- I'm down to 4'. But I can do it!.... well, Pinterest and I can do it! (I guess I could also move my dress form somewhere else to make more room.... oh bother)
 I also picked up a new pirate chest. This one was only $18.00. Why the funny price? I talked the guy down of course--- he just wouldn't go down to $15... but he would do $18.
 This green trunk will eventually be painted differently, but for now I love it just the way it is.... I especially love how someone had repaired one of the corners. Hysterical!
Well I must get back to sewing on more doll clothing for my grandaughter's dolls. I may just make a few outfits for my own dolls!
big hugs,


  1. Awesome score with the lockers! Yay you!!!
    Love the trunk too.....can't wait to see it painted (although it is quite lovely as is).
    Have a great weekend.
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  2. Cheryl, your lockers are perfect! The way you've transformed them is very impressive. I'm sure that took hours of work. It took me so long to understand that it takes fun things like this to really give a home character.

    Your comment at my blog about @ourcraftsmancottage home tour just cracked me up! You don't need to win the're doing just fine. :)

  3. What cool finds and transformations!!

  4. Another wonderful post. The lockers work perfectly with your Christmas wreathed dress form. The people photo is terrific. I'll bet that woman had a house full of kitschy things too! This summer the two youngest DD and I were exploring old abandon houses. In one there was a huge set of industrial lockers.....I want them. Don't know where I would put them. But, I understand the locker fascination. Thanks for stopping by with kind comments and happy junking!

  5. Love the lockers! You made them look "new:! Sweet dress form. I like to "bargain" too.Most of the time it works,

  6. The locker is looking brand new!!!

    Please visit:

  7. This looks so good! Love them (and the term "years of grim!")

  8. Wow love what you did with the lockers, and that will be a great deal of storage, I love how you have decorated the dress form too! Cool effect on the picture too, looks like you found some more great deals :)

  9. Oh you lucky duck! Those lockers are just fabulous. I also truly adore what you did with the vintage class picture. So cute and clever.
    May the blessings of the season be yours.

  10. These lockers would be an amazing addition to any home, they are brilliant. Lucky you.

  11. love the lockers! boy did you do an nice job on them. I would love to find a set like that. lucky girl!
    have a great day!

  12. I have these lockers in my kitchen at work! I just love them. And I hope when I retire, I can take them home with me. :) Kit


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