Mermaid Christmas Tree

I picked up this tall/thin Christmas tree recently for $4.00 at a yard sale.

It wasn't my intention to get it-- but then I saw that the garland looked like netting and that the tree had seashells glued to it... totally drew this pirate in! I had an instant thought, "Mermaid Tree." Nuts--- another project that is getting me off track of finishing up some Christmas gifts I'm making.
I couldn't leave the tree "as-is" as it looked a little beat up. I folded back the tips of each branch about an inch, to create a thicker/fuller looking tree. Then I pulled off and re-glued the pearl garland back onto the tree to clean it up a little bit..
 Then I set out to make some ornaments for my mermaid tree. I painted small bits of coral and then attached them to some ornament hangers.

I had recently bought a large bag full of replacement Christmas ornament hangers for $1.00-- just to have on hand in case I needed them. Score.

Once the coral was painted, I added glitter a few pearls and little bits of moss to each one. I love moss.

I really like how the coral looks on the tree. 
I made some pink glittered coral too~

I also made some glittered seaweed....

Well, that's what I'm calling it anyway.
 Lastly, I started making the mermaid ornaments for this mermaid tree. I used paper clay and a small face mold I had to create the little heads/faces. I used foil, tape, a little bit of pipe cleaners for arms, a little piece of cardboard for a tail and the mermaids started to take shape. Once the base of each mermaid was created it was just a matter of adding paper clay to each one--- and you know, smoothing, letting it DRY, sanding, adding more clay-- smoothing, letting it DRY, sanding and repeat a LOT until your kinda satisfied with how it looks. Here you can see the mermaids about 95% finished before getting some paint...
I think it is going to be another few days until I get these painted and onto the tree. I should have made the mermaid ornaments first! These are taking longer to create than I had anticipated. I'll share them when I've finished with them :-)
big hugs,


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I HAVE that tree!! but mine sports red cardinals. Not using it this year. You may have the only mermaid tree in the world!! It's so YOU!!
xx, Carol

handmade by amalia said...

I like the way you made a sad tree look happy again.

Conniecrafter said...

Oh my goodness there you go again with your creativity, neat idea with the coral, I didn't know you could buy those replacement ornament holders... Your mermaids are so neat, you did an awesome job on them, hope your able to find time to finish before Christmas :)

Jeanie said...

I love tall thin trees and your makeover is terrific. Bravo!