Puttering Around in the Yard

I'm still puttering around on my front yard makeover. I have gotten all the bricks laid back down and level. I've expanded the area quite a bit making it a lot more functional. I even created a small privacy wall using some panels I turned on their sides and attached to some posts. It serves two purposes.... privacy obviously... and behind this fence is a lot of pirate stuff! I like how the fence turned out. The paint choice was a compromise with my husband-- I wanted super-duper dark gray... he caught me in a weak moment and I agreed to whatever color this is.... it looks... ok..... it is a nice backdrop for all my pirate stuff :-)
 I am trying my best not to go to heavy handed on displaying pirate things on the street side of this fence...
 On the backside is a whole other story. I've brought a lot of pirate things into the front yard, nothing is really set in stone just yet, things will be moved around until it is just right.
 I'm making over the lagoon area in my backyard. I've dug up all the plants in the lagoon and I've transplanted them in the front yard. I'm also pulling up a lot of pirate things I had stuck in the dirt around the plants. This area is now going to be filled with boxes, barrels and trunks. I'm trying to get my yard down to a low maintenance yard! I brought three fountains from the backyard to the front yard and used spray Styrofoam in each one so I could drape some pirate treasure from them-- without using to much treasure. You can see the styrofoam in the bottom part of this fountain.
 Here is another fountain...

I bought this barrel that had a door at the bottom of it. I unscrewed the door completely from the barrel and placed a cat bed inside it. Caute~
This is a planter that is by the step up to my front door. I've got a lot of plants jammed into this one pot, for now they all are happy.

 I've got a long thigh high planter leading up to the front door. I pulled out all the plants that were in there and replaced it with pirate stuff.

I added faux greenery and of course a lot of moss.

There is even some bare spots to add more treasure to this area!

I added some pirate face masks to the star jasmine trellis I created for my wall. The tombstones are there for Halloween...

It is still a work in progress... but it is progressing! I've got to pull up some brick and lay some water lines to add to my drip system to get all the plants on a drip... low to NO maintenance is what I'm going for!*wink*
big hugs,


  1. i love it all. The fence looks great and I hate to tell you I think your husband's color choice is perfect. Very up-to-date. Love your fountains. I would love to have a maintenance free yard. The dogs are helping that along by digging it up. The big dogs are past that stage comes a Min Pin pup. Here we go all over again.
    xx, Carol

  2. Wow you have been very busy as of late, everything looks like it is coming along great, I bet people love to drive by your house and check out all your cool stuff. I do like the color of the fence. cute idea for the cat bed too, you will have to be careful, friends of ours had one in their backyard and when they came home from a trip they had a possum living in theirs, quite the surprise :)

  3. Your fence looks great! And there is SUCH magic and joy there!

  4. Love it all. Sorry I'm late commenting on this. Had an accident and was out for 8 weeks.

    Take care,


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