Dr. Seuss Headbands

I find myself still crocheting Dr. Seuss items... you would think my hands would be a tangled-painful-mess after crocheting the sixty Cat in the Hat bookmarks I blogged about in my previous post, but they seem to be unfazed by it. So,  I made a "Cat in the Hat" headband with cat ears for my grandaughter to wear for the upcoming celebration on March 2nd. I used the pattern on Sarah's blog, "Repeat Crafter Me."
 I think it turned out pretty cute. I just hope she likes it and wants to wear it.
 It was a super easy pattern, so you guessed it, I whipped up a bunch more. No, not sixty. Just five in total. One for my grandaughter and her teacher. One for my grandson's teacher and the other two for the teacher's they had last year. I finished all of these in one day!
I probably should box up all my yarn and put it out in the garage so I can get some house work done.... Oh wait... I was going to Google how to do "Yarn Pooling" using variegated yarn.... no, no, no, walk away from the yarn. Box it up- box it up...
big hugs,


  1. Cute stuff! I have grandtwins born on Dr. Suess' birthday. No they wouldn't name them thing one and thing two! :-(

  2. How fun are those, I bet they are going to just love them. I keep saying that myself, I need to finish my housework before I am able to craft or I would never get anything done, LOL!

  3. I've said it before, Cheryl, you are one cool grandam.

  4. You are funny. Walk away from the yarn. Know what you mean. Sometimes I have to make myself get up and do something else.

    I say, you can do this when it's dark. Get outside and do something now while it's light outside.


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