Dr. Seuss Day

Dr. Seuss day is fast approaching. This year it falls on Thursday, March the 2nd. It is also known as "National Read Across America Day." But "Dr. Seuss Day" sounds so much more fun! In honor of this fun-filled reading day at my grandkids school, I thought I would make them both a fun Cat in the Hat bookmark.
I found a crochet pattern online, I think I have it pinned to one of my Pinterest boards, either under "Crochet" or "bookmarks" any~who, the little hat bookmark whipped up pretty fast.
 So fast in fact.... that I whipped up sixty of them. Not only can my grandkids have fun with them, but their classmates can too.
big hugs,


  1. How lucky your grandkids are to have a grandma who makes adorable tiny hats for all of their classmates!

  2. What a fabulous idea . .
    Great Bookmark!
    "Artsy Farsty" for sure!

  3. oH wow! These are so darn cute! Dr. Seuss Day is a big deal in the schools around here. I'm going to check out your board for that pattern!
    xx, Carol

  4. you just keep coming up with such fun and clever idea's and I am sure the whole class will be thrilled with them too, you are so sweet!

  5. That's really cute! Honestly, they must LOVE you at school!

  6. On my goodness! Look at all those book marks that those dear children are going to love. How sweet of you to think of every classmate. :)

    So nice to visit with you~~

  7. If anyone deserves their own day... :-) And that is a super way to celebrate it. Well done!


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