Valentine Cupids

I bought a box of six Fontanini Angels (two of each kind) a few months back, I immediately thought of turning them into little Valentine Cupids!
I added some iridescent glitter to the wings and let that dry...
Next, I added fine gold glitter to each piece of the cherubs sash and let that dry. I then made each one a quiver covered in red glitter and added two arrows with each tip covered in pink fine glitter to finish them off.
Lastly, I added a ribbon hanger to each one before wrapping them up.

The photos make these little cupids covered in glitter to appear a little garish--- but in person they are not SO brash. I have talked  a bunch of my friends into having a Valentines day swap... of sorts. Ok-ok-ok, its a party with presents, yes, that's how I presented it to them! *wink* There is a group of six of us that get together to craft and visit with each other a few times a month... so I thought it would be fun to craft for each other.
I have already informed them that we are going to be having a "Saint Patrick's day" party too... Why should kids have all the fun right?
big hugs,


  1. I'm a member of said group of ladies and as such a recipient of one of these delightful little cupids!!! She is now living in my sewing studio!!!! I think I better up my game for March's event!!!

  2. Wow, that was great thinking ahead when you bought these sweeties. They make great cupids. How cool that you have a group to craft and party with!!
    xx, Carol

  3. You did a lovely job..........they are so pretty! Your friends will love them!

  4. Great idea to have a gift exchange and so neat you turned the angels into sweet, sparkled cupids!! Enjoy your parties!!

  5. Sweet! I like a holiday that gives you licence to go glitter mad :-)


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