Valentine Pockets

My friend Sandra gave me a little paper Valentine pocket (with chocolate in it) recently... and I fell in love with it, I fell hard. So simple--- yet over the top adorable. So, of course, I had to make a bazillion myself to pass out to some of my friends...

Currently, I am in the mindset of using what I have on hand... so the paper choices I made are not really Valentine themed---- but I don't think any of my friends will mind one bit.
Of course, I had to make it my own and switch things up a little bit, because that's how I roll. I made mine bigger and instead of pulling one side down, I kept both ends up.... and glued the front pieces into place creating a pocket on the outside as well as on the inside.

I wrapped a piece of chocolate in pink tissue paper and stuffed that into the larger pocket. 
 Here you can see the size difference. I punched a hole and tied the little pocket closed--- I decided after tying this one... to leave the rest untied so that my friends could get to their chocolate faster! I'm a good friend like that!Here are instructions on how to fold an origami cup/Seed Envelope if you would like to make some yourself. You need to start off with a square piece of paper, I used an 8"x 8" sheet of card stock scrapbooking paper to get the size I wanted. I stopped at the fourth step shown below and glued a piece of a gold doily over the edge of the outer pocket. It really isn't a true pocket as the bottom isn't fully closed, but it is perfect to hold a Valentine :-)
I can see myself making a lot more of these in the future. Saint Patricks day, Easter... maybe even using them as part of a place setting with names on them. I could even whip up some using maps and pass them out for our upcoming Pirate parties! Aaaarrrgggghhhh~ Thank you Sandra for the inspiration--- and of course, the chocolate!
big hugs,


  1. Cute, cute, cute!! I can see these being a big hit at a wedding or baby shower. There you go...a great item for the craft table at your next show.
    xx, Carol

  2. They are adorable Cheryl!
    Cute Valentine for the kids to give out at school!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Valenti's Day!

  3. I love how you roll! I can see myself doing this too. Arghhh!

  4. THANK YOU for sharing this idea. It was so easy to make! I like the idea of Easter pockets!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Those are just too cute and I love your doily's on them really lovely way to embellish them, I do like the bigger size too, I will have to keep this in mind, my crafting pals might get some of these soon ;) TFS the tutorial

  6. These are really cute, Cheryl. And yes, you should do them for Easter.

  7. Awe! Your partner did good. And you learn fast! Thanks for sharing this idea. I know I will be using it
    Blessings, Susie


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