What a lazy summer I've been having... emphasis  on LAZY.  I feel like I've not gotten anything of tremendous importance done.... wait, I have been spending long-lazy-afternoons sitting on the grass petting my feral cat Barney. I've also been teaching him how to play with toys. He is picking that up ever-so-slowly. Barney is becoming quite friendly (to me anyway) and loves a belly rub, which is very surprising for a feral cat to roll over on his back with his tummy exposed. I guess I can say that I have been "working very hard" at taming a wild beast! Along with all that hard work I've been doing *wink* I have been acquiring more treasures. I hit the mother load of lanterns all at one yard sale. These three... caute~
 Plus these five....
 plus these four....
 All twelve for only $20. I also got another mannequin/dress form torso for only $5.00, I think it is from an Eddie Bauer store. I'm thinking about recover the form with burlap.... which will be adorable.
 Loads of junk jewelry.... half a box full...
 a bag full...

and a whole bunch of other containers of jewelry too! All of the jewelry combined was only $15. I've gone through it and I'd say about 40% was usable to me, the other 60% I'll bag up and resell at a yard sale.
I also bought a HUGE lot of brand new jewelry findings. I always think I need it ALL!!!.... but, when I finally go through it, I find myself thinking, "I'll never use this!" I guess I could fire up my Etsy site and resell it there... because you know... I. Had. To. Have. It. All.

There are some Mad Hatter charms, a lot of bezels, beautiful beads, rhinestones, skull beads...on and on...
There are a few things I'm not sure I'm going to use/keep.... like all of the different colored chains and clasps.... No harm in adding them to my every growing stash- for now anywho~
Some of the beads and charms are so darn cute! Other things, all usable, but I have no use for- but "had" to have. What did I pay for all of these fabulous new jewelry findings? Only $25 bucks.
Sounds pricey, but just one strand of beads had a price tag of $10.00 on it and there was three of those in the lot..... Out of all of these fun items I'd say that I am keeping about half of it. Still a great value :-)

Well, I had better get offline and get to work... and by work, I mean go pet my feral cat Barney. *wink*
big hugs,


  1. You did great! Make some of the dangly beaded charm necklaces. They seem to be popular.
    I've been taking apart junk jewelry and putting some together to wear and give as gifts.

  2. You did hit the mother load! Wow....great finds.

  3. You really have found a great trove of treasure there. You certainly have an eye for a bargain :)

  4. Oh, you goodness, you have scored enough treasure to keep you busy for a long time!

  5. Well, I'm telling you, if anyone can create something amazing out of all that it would be you. Those first lanterns would be so great with some of the jewels attached to them. Here I go, creating with YOUR loot! lol.
    xx, Carol

  6. Love those lanterns, some of them look antique, great find and for great price! Wow you are set on jewelry I see, you can have a wonderful treasure chest that's for sure!
    Good to hear your cat is warming up to you :) Have fun with that work ;)

  7. Those lanterns are terrific!

    So, I think you may soon have another cat...


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