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We are having an end of summer heat wave here in California. Blah. It has been 104 to 109 this past week... with another week of yucky temperatures to come. I guess I'm longing for colder weather-- because I've started a lot of new crocheting projects. I saw online someone had made little birds out of small crocheted circles. I thought they were super cute....yep... this is as far as I've gotten with those....yawn....
I then spotted a small stool online covered with a crocheted medallion of sorts. That was a fun project for a little while... yep, got bored with that... Had.To.Stop.
 My daughter had mentioned that it looked like a soft Frisbee- that is all the rage. So, I googled it... and of course I had to make at least one right? But first I had to make a pattern...
It was a lot of trial and error with creating my own pattern. But after ripping out stitches and reworking it I finally had something that looked like a soft Frisbee.....
Well, you know how it goes, I just can't make one of anything. So far, I've made six... 
Surprisingly I'm enjoying making these. I did fling one down the hallway in my house to see if it would fly... I think it flies better than a plastic Frisbee. I've got plans to make some in my grandkids school colors and whatever other colors they would like.

With the extremely hot temperatures outside I've been wetting down my outdoor kitties with wet face cloths to help them tolerate the heat. I was worried about my feral cat Barney because he pants when he is hot. None of my other cats do that. He and I have become fast friends and he let me soak him down good-style, I'm talking drenched. I did this every couple of hours and then noticed he was taking the matter in his own paws... and was rolling around in a wet/muddy spot caused by my drip system.

I am in the process of pulling up the brick patio by my front door and relaying it... that is, before the intense heat wave started. This is one outdoor project that is on hold until it gets considerably cooler!
 Barney is enjoying laying in the cool mud... By morning he will be spotless clean once again and then throughout the day he will get muddier and muddier as the day goes on. Pretty smart kitty~ Here he is giving the other cat a Raspberry....
Barney eats pretty good at my house. Of course he gets wet and dry cat food, but he also gets cooked chicken and tri-tip. I normally feed my cats on vintage china plates but they are all in the dishwasher.
I'm able to pick up Barney now and set him on my lap for about a minute at a time. He still gets nervous if I make eye contact with him when I am holding him. He acts like he is going to scratch me so I have to make sure to look away... funny ol' cat.... it is a slow process but worth it.
big hugs,


  1. Hi Cheryl. I don't know much about cats, but you sure do. Barney is lucky to have found you. That is TOO much heat for me. I'm wondering if you have the humidity with it as we do here in Northern Indiana. We get a few days a year where the heat index will reach around 100 and that is far too uncomfortable to be out side. My husband has COPD and that humidity makes it difficult for him to breathe.

    I sometimes have difficulty continuing crochet projects. I had never heard of soft frisbies but it's sure a great idea. I'd probably be making a lot of them to sell.

    Always love seeing what you are up to.
    xx, Carol

  2. Those ol Tom's are the ones we end up loving the most. I still miss the ones that adopted me. I was finally able to make one a house cat. I loved him every minute of his life. The other disappeared. I was so sad for months. He never made it to the petting and loving part. But, we had gotten past the running for dear life part.

    I love the crochet. Have a pile of my own that needs finishing. Am not allowed to buy any more yarn till I finish a dozen projects.

  3. I'm loving Barney. Pretty soon you'll have him at the vet getting shots and such! (Been there, done that -- that's how best-cat-ever Gypsy came into my world!) The pix are great and very cool he'll let you hose him down.

    Crocheting is going well -- three cheers!

  4. Wow you have been busy with your yarn projects, you know I never heard of a soft frisbee, hope things cool down for you all out there soon! Poor kitty's so hot, so surprising that let you wet them down :)

  5. I am so happy that the temperature has finally cooled down. Your crochet projects are so colourful and beautiful. Soft frisbee! I have never heard of that before. You are so wonderful with your kitties. As a cat lover myself, I really enjoyed reading your post. Barney is beautiful!



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