Dream Catchers

I came across a picture of a dream catcher made using crochet doilies and figured I'd try my hand at making some. For several months I've been keeping an eye out for all the supplies I'd need. There was no tutorial only a photo of the finished dream catcher, so I just winged it. I started with centering each doily in an embroidery hoop...
I cut off the excess on the backsides of each hoop and ran some white glue along the cut edges to keep the pieces from unraveling. I then covered that with a piece of cut lace to cover up the edge.
I was needing a lot of ribbon to hang from the embroidery hoops... and was in the process of cutting up what little ribbon I had into thin strands... Luckily, I came across some large bolts of ribbon, at $3.00 each I couldn't pass it up!
The fun part was gluing flowers along one of the edge of each dream catcher.
 I could have had a little heavier hand on the flowers, but as it was-- I kept having flashbacks to the '80's...
 I think they turned out kinda-cute...
 I only made four of these and have a stack more that are needing the hanging lace and then some flowers added to them... I got bored of making them. *wink*
 This tiny one I'll add to a sign stating the price of the dream catchers...
I've pretty much sold out of everything I've made at past craft events I've been apart of... and I'm needing a lot of things to replenish my stock. We'll see how well these do. Something different.
big hugs,


  1. They ARE something different. I kind of miss the days when I sold my items at Craft Shows. That type of thing is not too popular around here now. Too much money. The "wealthy" look down on handmade. Their loss. Best wishes for your next show to be a sell out!
    xx, Carol

  2. Good luck selling them. Was wondering what you’ve been making
    They are cute

  3. You commented on my blog, thanks, so I looked you up. Great blog, have added you to follow.

    Are you in the US, Canada or the UK?

  4. Ok, I looked back and see you are in the US.

  5. they are all just gorgeous, great find in the lace, I like that you used different pieces, such pretty arrangement of the flowers, good luck with your sale!

  6. These are beautiful. I expect they will sell very well. I feel that they would be good for weddings :)


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