Vintage Luggage

I love me some vintage luggage... don't you? I picked up this little beauty for $1.50. The lining inside this suitcase is in very good shape, something you don't always come across in old luggage.
 I've decided to use old luggage as containers to hold things I'm selling at craft events. Here are the dreamcatchers I just made inside the new suitcase.
I created a small burlap pennant to showcase the price. I glued the burlap covered chipboard pennant pieces onto leather roving using beads as a spacer, not really necessary, but felt it added a little something-something to the piece. 
I used a jewelry slip knot on the leather roving so that if at a later date I need the "price pennant" to sit higher or lower it will be an easy fix. The two outside blank pennants are eventually going to have tiny burlap and/or muslin flowers on them, but they will stay blank for now.... I also created a "Dreamcatcher" sign to help people wrap their brain around what they are seeing. *wink*
 I finished the backside of the pennants as well. I'm thinking of adding the word "SALE" in red on this side. Nothing gets people more excited than seeing that word!
I've got a stack of sewing to get to and another vintage suitcase to fill up with merchandise. Although, the next suitcase I have to rip out the lining as it is all stained with heaven knows what!
big hugs,


  1. Very cute. I have an old suitcase that I've been trying to figure out something to use it for.

  2. Vintage suit cases are perfect to showcase your art. I know a couple of bloggers that were talking about your lacy dream catchers.
    xx, Carol

  3. It is hard to find a suitcase with a nice inside and if you do usually the price is crazy. Your banner is very cute, like how you finished the back side also.

  4. That suitcase was a great find and it shows of your dream catchers beautifully :)


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