This past week two of my good friends passed away. Nothing makes you cling to your faith more than when you lose someone you love. One of the gals was my friend Jennie, who is actually the one who kept calling me "Artsy Fartsy" over the years and with that ingrained in my head, it was a no-brainer to call my blog that very name.

Feeling kinda moody, I set out to create some Holy shrines... creating these really does soothe my soul~
I have several containers of things I've put aside to incorporate into Holy shrines when the mood strikes....
I also have a huge bin of vintage metal fluted pastry molds that I've always wanted to work into a shrine, I was happy to finally get to try using them.
I had to cut two fold lines in each tin and then bend up the bottom so that it would sit flush on top of the base of these silver plated salt and pepper shakers.
I poked through my drawer of rhinestone pieces and found a few crowns and a swirly piece to use as toppers on each shrine.
I filled each shrine base with aquarium gravel so each shrine wouldn't be top heavy. I sealed the gravel with a layer of hot glue so none would ever spill out.
I lurve how the vintage pastry molds added radiance to each shrine. I'm glad I have a lot of them to use in the future. 

It is good to have your faith to support you when things get tough.
big hugs,


  1. I'm so sorry you lost 2 of your friends.
    I don't have many and to lose 2 would be most of mine.

    I love the shrines. They are very creative.
    All the sparkles and shiny things appeal to me.

  2. Cheryl, I am so very sorry to hear about your loss, yes I do not know how people without faith get through life's hard trials.
    These are so creative and wonderful, you always impress me with your talent for making things come together so wonderfully!

  3. Terry and I lost a friend in almost every month of 2018. I'm sorry you lost two of your friends. It really hits you in the gut. Your shrines are lovely. It's a wonderful way to soothe your soul.
    xx, Carol

  4. I'm sorry you lost two of your friends, Cheryl. Your shrines are beautiful. You have a wonderful talent for creating beautiful things from unexpected objects :) x


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