Little Pixie Houses

I created some tiny pixie houses out of little Pringle cans. I think they turned out super cute. I bought a box of 15 little cans of Pringles and while I've only completed making four, I'm making more!

Although I didn't make them to sit on the tree stump shelf I had previously made, I placed them for a photo.
I used real rocks for the little stepping stones up to each front door.
I didn't feel confident that the little plastic windows would stay in place, so I only made two with real windows. When I continue to make these little houses, I'll just leave the area open.
Four down and 26 more to go... I bought a second box of Pringles :-P

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  1. They are cute. I take it the cans have Pringles in them. lol...if that is so, enjoy eating them and then creating with them.


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