Happy New Year!

 Goodness... the older you get the faster time goes by... *heavy sigh* 2022... wowzers. Sounds almost like a science fiction movie title. Of course the past few years we have been living in a real science fiction reality... eiy-eiy-eiy...

Anywho, resolutions... I did none of the things I had written for my resolutions last year. lol... classic me. Okokok... a major one (I didn't list it) was to survive during the pandemic without contracting Covid 19 or any of the variants. I guess that is the most important of all the listed and not listed things to accomplish in a year... So, SUCCESS! *wink* 

I don't think I'm going to make a list of things I won't accomplish this year lol.. well of course I'm going to keep the "survive during the pandemic without contracting Covid 19 or any of the variants" one... because evidently that is one I'm successful at! Fingers crossed for the new year.

Anywho, on new years day I competed my tree stump shelf!

 I painted the Stroyfoam to look like cobblestones. I added wood glue in between the newly made stones to act as the grout. The wood glue is beige in color but came out looking different colors-- to which I love! I also filled in little spots with some fish tank gravel.I purchased a quart of beige paint from a hardware store to paint the inside of the tree stump. I normally use the little bottles of craft paint, but I figured this was turning out so cute, I will probably be making a few more tree stump related things.

The electrical plug for the lights ended up working out beautifully. I didn't want it to be to obnoxious looking-- but still able to be easily accessible.

Here you can see the ceiling on the top shelf. I didn't like just looking up  and seeing a flat ceiling, so I added some sphagnum moss to the area. I think it makes the lights look very magical.

I added some faux flowers and ivy along with some green moss to the tree stump. I love how it looks.

Here is the bottom shelf and the middle shelf...

I can't wait to see how this looks when it frames some of the things I am eventually going to be making!

I'm really needing to focus on creating things to actually sell...but first, I've got to play!


  1. Happy new year. No resolutions for me. I try my best to focus on positive words for guidance each day. But after yesterday's heavy downpour and major flooding around the country with a leaky roof flowing into one of our bathroom and now lots of clean-up, I've also realized that it's probably better to just let go and flow.

    I LOVE your unique and creative tree stump shelf. I can imagine so many lovely things sitting on it.

    Take care.

  2. Happy New Year. I don't make resolutions. Too much pressure in a already pressure filled world of trying to live everyday.
    I love the stump. Turned out great.

  3. What did you use for the base layer of the shelf itself? The structure?

    1. The entire structure is made of cardboard! The base, floors and walls... cardboard :-)


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