Cupcake Poke~

I recently whipped up these little cupcake toppers for a sweet/adorable little ones first birthday. Here is the image I used... Look at the precious face on this little cherub!I think these turned out super caute, of course it doesn't hurt that the baby is darling to begin with. lol Half the battle is won before you start~ Here is the set wrapped and reading to be placed in some yummy frosting~ Besides redoing my entire backyard single handedly... okokok, some slight help from my husband who has to SIT DOWN AND TAKE A BREAK when he gets out of bed in the morning before working in the yard... DON, I'm talking to you!!! Take a break before working--- geeze~ I am working on some "diet fairies" and some fridge magnets of my grandkids.... fun-fun-fun~


Diane MacNaughtan said...

They are adorable!

Shabby Cottage Shops said...

OMG, they are just precious, what a wonderful idea!

Have a Pinkalicious Week!


Laurie said...

These are adorable -- I have to try this one day soon!

Ana~A Petite Cottage said...

How cute! What a great idea.