Crackled Frame

I recently was given this frame with a holy Cross in it because it was broken.... 

 I thought it looked a bit shabby chic..... so I broke it up even more just to be sure. *wink*
I used white glue to create the crackle finish on the frame. If you've never used glue to create cracks in paint....its easy-peasy. You just brush the white glue over the frame and then apply the paint immediately over that to create a crackled finish.

 It gives you immediate results which is much faster than the actual crackle finish you buy for big bucks at the hobby stores. After the paint is completely crackled on the frame---- I do take a brush full of watered down paint to fill in some of the larger crackled areas, but this is just a personal preference.

 I also crackled the Cross and glued that to an old book page from 1852.
To highlight the detail in the frame, I added some watered down brown paint and a few bits of torn book pages to the missing parts of the frame.
Now, there is no doubt. It is shabby chic.


  1. Hello from Spain: indeed it is shabby chic. Great job. - Keep in touch

  2. Beautiful transformation!! Love the print behind the cross, it all works so well together!! Thanks for sharing, blessings, Linda

  3. Oh Cheryl! This is a fabulous look! Your instruction makes it seam like I can accomplish it! Now I must try. Perhaps it is the project that will make it to my blog. I think it is time to mix it up a bit! Thanks for visiting my blog, and especially for you kind comment! I have no doubt you are a fine blessing to your world!

  4. Hello Cheryl, This is gorgeous . . . what a lovely eye you have for beauty. The post a couple down from this one where you used odds & ends of jewelry to spell the word DREAM . . . I love it. It must take a long time to gather that much old jewelry though.
    When you visited my blog you said that you did not bake bread. Well, you will have to try that recipe . . . it will turn you into a bread baker and there is nothing . . . I say nothing . . . on earth that will make your home smell better, than bread baking in the oven.
    Have a great day and thank you for visiting. oh, what is it going to take you convince you to follow me back . . . I would be honored to have you as a mutual follower.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)


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