Pirate Tattoo Parlor

Today was an absolutely beautiful day to work out in the backyard. After five days of super cold- frost on the plants kinda nights.... 66 degrees felt like summer! I took apart a square gazebo and made it into a triangle gazebo. It is now the new roof of the "Lick & Stick Pirate Tattoo Parlor."

I used outdoor shade cloth for the roof. I attached it with zip ties every six inches apart.... why so sturdy?
Because all the cats in the neighborhood like to hang out at my house... I guess I have the "Kool-Aid house" for cats? Speaking of... here is Chumley sitting atop the pirate ship. He looks like a pirate, doesn't he? 
I am going to give this area a little make over... good weather permitting!


  1. This is such a fun outdoor area. Love the "Lick and Stick Tattoo Parlor". How thoughtful of you to plan for the neighborhood kitties. Chumley is definitely guarding his pirate realm.

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Love this! Showed my husband Bob, he is known by the Grand Angels as the "Pirate" Grandpa as he wears dew rags when he rides his Harley and when machining his tattoo frames. LOL! Chumley love him! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs from me! Linda

    Looks like fun, Keep smiling and creating

  4. :-) super fun place to be hanging out!

  5. How cute is the Lick n stick Tatoo Parlor! Cpn Chumly approves! Enjoyed reading this cleaver post! Dianna


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